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Thursday, 01 February, 2024

Can you support from afar? Help the Farmers' Dialogue return to its first in-person gathering in four years, this March at the Asia Plateau.

Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

Are you interested in the positive impact that your farm could have in tackling climate change? Take a look at this new resource from Innovation for Agriculture.

Tuesday, 02 November, 2021

Duncan Nduhiu of Kenya, known locally as Maziwa Mingi (Much Milk), recently passed away.

Thursday, 30 September, 2021

Dr Ian Robertson, biologist who helped Zimbabwe farmers, passed away aged 82.

Wednesday, 27 May, 2020

'We found that women and children are more concerned with finding food than anything else: the places where they spend the night are conditions beyond poverty.'

Sunday, 03 May, 2020

The Kitumaini Centre, joined by teachers from Umoja School, has mobilised its teams to go from door to door in order bring food aid to the children it oversees.

Thursday, 12 March, 2020

'Even though it is a small part of the solution to climate change...I hope that it could an important piece to complete the big puzzle'

Saturday, 29 February, 2020

Phil Jefferys shares his thoughts and feelings on the ‘worst drought in history’ and massive bush fires in Australia.

Saturday, 01 February, 2020

A recent article was written and published on the climate talks with the children and women of Centre Kitumaini at Lake Kivu

Thursday, 19 December, 2019

For twenty days, fifteen women from several member associations of the Kitumaini Center who work in the field of agriculture will be equipped with skills on empowerment and management of groups.