Grampari is on a mission to build the capacity of rural Maharashtra through thoughtful, community led programmes that foster both spiritual and economic development.



About Us

Grampari, Grameen Va Pariyavaran Kendra has built a successful model of sustainable long term development through effective behavioural change. If you spend a day with Grampari you may be impressed by our work spring box development, livelihood programs, or other innovative projects, but what may come as a surprise is to find our staff sitting with village communities, men, women, and children, with their eyes closed and reflecting on how they can change as individuals.

Our Goals

The reason that our work has transformed villages economically and environmentally is because we have helped facilitate behavioural change. The practice of Inner Listening forms the fulcrum of the Grampari model. Through this practice, villagers have repaired broken relationships, given up addictions, and invested themselves in village development. The story of Grampari is really the story about the extraordinary power of inner listening to bring about deep change in human beings as well as long lasting sustainable development. 


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