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Wednesday, 04 August, 2010
Hajji Hassan Nakabaale

Two hundred and sixty-four participants from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Rwanda, DR. Congo, Sudan, Namibia, Austria, UK, and France attended the international farmers' dialogue in Kampala, Uganda, from May 5 - 9 2010. The topics included: background of Farmers’ Dialogue, Africa’s potential, the role of NGOs in food security, farming in educational institutions, climate change and its effects, empowering farmers, the importance of trees, energy-saving technologies, organic farming, the role of village saving and loan associations, marketing.

Tuesday, 11 May, 2010
Julius Khakula (Kenya), Julian Swai (Tanzania), Jamilu Ssebalu (Uganda) and Jim Wigan (UK)

The International Farmers’ Dialogue Conference started on 5 May at Rest Gardens Training Center in Bweyogerere in the Eastern part of Kampala. In his welcome speech Jamil Ssebalu, President of Farmers’ Dialogue Africa, welcomed participants and introduced the theme of the conference Responding to the Challenge of feeding Africa.

Thursday, 06 May, 2010
The District Commissioner (right), who fame to officially open the session, looking at the presentations of local farmers and talking with the director of the Agricultural services.

80 farmers, mostly women, met in Muheza, situated in the North-East of Tanzania, from April 27-28, invited by the Farmers dialogue local team. The District Commissioner opened the meeting, with the Director of the Agricultural District Services and the Chairman of the Council of Muheza.

Thursday, 25 March, 2010

The online registration form for the International Caux Conferences 2010 is now available.

Wednesday, 24 February, 2010
Farmers Dialogue invitation

The East African Farmers’ Dialogue will take place in Uganda at Rest Gardens, Bweyogerere, 12 kms east of Kampala on the Uganda-Kenya Highway, from May 5 -9 2010.

Thursday, 07 January, 2010
Ugandan farm

The founding members of the African Farmers’ Dialogue: Julius Khakula, George Kamau and Duncan Nduhiu, Kenya, Martin Simtenda and Juliana K Swai, Tanzania, Jamil Ssebalu, Andrew Mukhwana and Dorothy Tingu, Uganda, Jim Wigan, UK and Claude Bourdin, France were joined by 240 people from East Africa, Sudan and Democratic Republic of the Congo, for the official launch of the Constitution for the African Farmers’ Dialogue. This is phase one of a programme that began four years ago at a Farmers’ Dialogue in Panchgani, India.

Wednesday, 02 December, 2009

The advance programme of the International Caux Conferences 2010 is available. The six conferences will take place between 2 July and 17 August 2010. The themes are, amongst others, Multiculturalism in Europe, Human Security, Intergenerational Relationships and Business Ethics.

Monday, 30 November, 2009
Official launch of Farmers Dialogue – Africa in Kampala

250 people gathered for the official launch of Farmers Dialogue – Africa, Thursday 26 November, at the Africana Hotel in Kampala, Uganda. It included representatives of the Farmers Dialogue in Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Rwanda, Great Britain and France, who gave evidence of the effect of farmers’ exchanges over the last 15 years.

Monday, 09 February, 2009
Farmers Dialogue in Ukraine

Sixty farmers from Southern Ukraine met from March 5th to 9th in Krynychky, 100 kms from Dnepropetrovsk, to address factors that limit agricultural production in their country.

Tuesday, 20 January, 2009
Julias Khakula

107 farmers from 13 countries met in Western Kenya for an East African Farmers’ Dialogue, to plan how to take farming beyond subsistence to feeding the continent. Presentations at the Dialogue demonstrated that Africa has the resources, both technical and human, within its borders to feed its people and lift the continent out of poverty.