Thailand - Visiting a paddy field during the 2004 Farmers Dialogue

The Farmers' Dialogue has grown out of the commitment of working farmers in many countries on all continents who have found a new purpose through Initiatives of Change.

They have been wrestling with the problems facing our planet. This is resulting in them being involved in many of the issues of their day, be it the European Union, developing the Dairy Industry in Asia, farming in Africa or developments in Eastern Europe.

Subukia Kenya - The leaders of 'The evergreen revolution' project which involved 350 farmers Half the world sees farmers as a beleaguered minority, the other half as a huge majority struggling for a voice. Despite great differences of circumstance and climate, there is a common language between people who work the soil. Since the early 90's we have seen the benefit of arranging what are known as Farmers' Dialogues. These are aimed at creating a common purpose based on shared values for the soil, environment, food and family life. This can be expanded to embrace new developments world-wide which could assure farmers' stability and perhaps give a new direction to human society.