Thursday, February 1, 2024

The preparation of the international gathering of farmers at Asia Plateau (Panchgani, India) next March is going well and this meeting in person will be quite significant, after 4 years without any possibility to meet. 

Registration are still open and all information is accessible at this link

Reflecting on the challenges facing farmers today, searching for solutions, committing to a change in farmers’ approach to their life and mission: the 4 days of session promise to be fascinating and inspiring, with the added help of the Initiatives of Change team in Asia Plateau and the significant contribution from Grampari (rural development training centre, attached to Asia Plateau).

This message is also a call for all those who would like to help the funding of the initiative, especially to enable those with little resources who could not take part without support. You can make a donation online here or through a bank transfer (contact Claude Bourdin).

We shall keep you updated with the news of the gathering and we thank you in advance for any support you can offer.