The Centre Kitumaini (CK) is a non-governmental development organization with an operating license from the Justice Division of South Kivu Province, with a temporary authorization of operation from the Governorate of the Province of South Kivu, and F.92 / 26181 from the Ministry of Justice, Keeper of the Seals and Humans Rights from the Democratic Republic of Congo.


About Us

The Democratic Republic of Congo is laboriously emerging from a decade-long crisis, still inspiring more suspicion than credibility, even if this is less true than it was before. The Centre Kitumaini (CK) believes in a Congo full of dignity, hope, and dynamic in its abilities. CK aims to contribute to the recovery of communities and rebuilding the lives of survivors and victims of conflicts, by providing them with tools that will support sustainable well-being and development, through the strengthening of social assets, in general and in the Province of South Kivu in particular.

Our Goals

The objective of the Centre Kitumaini is to support the well-being and facilitate the emotional recovery of the target population living in peri-urban and rural areas of South Kivu province. These processes of recovery build on the strengths of both individuals and communities. It is about renewing social capital through the consolidation of social cohesion, in a specific post-conflict context.

The different strategies used by the Centre Kitumaini to achieve these aims include:

  1. Awareness sessions for conflict victims and survivors, especially women, which assist the physical, psychological, and economic recovery.
  2. Special attention to children affected by conflicts with social, moral, and economic support.
  3. Development of income generating activities inside each community, primarily through sustainable agriculture.
  4. Strategic regional and sub-regional partnerships with other actors for a better coordination and networking action.

Farmers’ Dialogue has been supporting in different ways the development of the Centre Kitumaini (DR Congo), which looks after many ladies victims of violence during the wars over the last years, through education and agriculture projects. Here is the report of the activities run in 2023

Contact Us

Contacts for the Kitumaini Centre:
Pierre Lokeka, Project Coordinator
Mme. Nadine Bakenga


Account N°: 1201-6700701-37 centre kitumaini asbl
    (Bukavu Agency, South Kivu, RDCONGO)