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Remembering Rosemary Namatsi
People can contribute to assist with her children’s education. Please send your donation via the donate button. When donating through PayPal, please indicate 'Remembering Rosemary Namatsi' in the 'Add specific instructions to the seller' field.


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Farmers’ Dialogue International (FDI), is focused on empowering farmer’s world-wide through shared experiences, discussions related to their needs and raising awareness of agricultural developments required globally for the sustainable production of food.

The development of FDI activities during the last months is calling for support to enable us to develop the initiatives that are being proposed: the daily news from around the world underline the issues that urgently need to be resolved: to reinforce a renewed approach to agriculture, to protect the soils, to feed everyone and to eradicate poverty. 

FDI is facing pressing needs, as follows. When you complete the donation form online (, please indicate which option you wish to support:

Need 01 - The participation of farmers at the International Dialogues organised by FDI teams in the world needs support to  cover their participation and travel. Dialogues are planned in Korea, Cameroun and South Sudan in the next 18 months and FDI is hoping to bring farmers to the Caux Dialogue on Land and Security next summer in Switzerland. The flight for one person costs around 1,000 €.

Need 02 - The employment of a resource person by FDI (half time for 6 months): our experience shows the importance of this work (projects writing, funding research and advice to the FDI Committee to help develop our action plan). One month of wage + social costs (half time, contract under French law) is around 1,300 €.

Ongoing needs:

Need 03 – Annual fees to the IofC International Association (FDI is an associate member) - 840 €

Need 04 – Coordination costs; The development of initiatives and the attempt to respond to requests for support around the world mean increased travel and expenses for the coordination and stimulation of projects.

Need 05 – Unallocated Gifts; FDI is working on a development plan, with aims to continue and expand its activities. This involves more resources and efforts are underway to mobilise funding organisations to make it possible. Any support or suggestions are also welcome.

Please, send your gifts to enable us to meet the needs!

For further information, please refer to the Secretary (email) or to the treasurer (email)