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Why should I support Farmers’ Dialogue?

Farmers’ Dialogue (FD) has grown – like Initiatives of Change (IofC) – from the conviction and the commitment of people who had a personal experience of change and of renewing of their aims and vision. They have wanted to share with other farmers what they experienced: the difference it made on the running of the farm, the quality of their relationships, and their new search on farmers’ mission to produce the food the world needs.

This is best expressed as the link between personal change/commitment and rural and agricultural development. This is what Farmers’ Dialogue wants to demonstrate and stimulate.

One important aspect of this development over the last 6 decades is the funding of all the initiatives taken as a direct result of the personal commitments. Farmers would themselves cover their expenses, or would be helped by friends who wanted to support their commitment beyond their farms.

Farmers’ Dialogue has grown, step by step, involving more and more countries in Asia and Africa. The international nature of the initiative – including the direct relationships between farmers across countries and continents – and the limited resources of farmers - has led to a more organised and structured coordination and to a greater need for external funding to enable farmers to take part in the Dialogues.

The Farmers’ Dialogue website gives many examples of what was stimulated in people’s lives and in rural and agricultural development!  Today’s challenges on farmers are even bigger and the tasks to help them in their mission are even bigger too! This is why Farmers’ Dialogue still needs help: through private gifts, IofC related funding bodies and external sources, whether globally or at the local level.


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If you are interested in supporting Farmers' Dialgue with ideas, advice, donations then please contact Claude Bourdin, International Coordinator.