Monday, January 24, 2022

Innovation for Agriculture works with leading agricultural researchers, businesses, landowners and farmers to develop the knowledge and technologies that will make modern farming more sustainable, resilient and productive.

Through practical and interactive workshops, farm walks, and on-farm demonstrations, they help farmers to put knowledge into practice.

We'd like to share this resource from Innovation for Agriculture which is aimed at helping farmers reduce their greenhouse gas footprint. This guide is primarily for UK farmers, growers and land managers whow are interested in ways to reduce  their emissions at farm level.

This interesting 'how-to' guide aims to reflect the range of farming sectors in the UK and covers:

  • Arable cropping
  • Horticulture and fresh produce
  • Upland beef and sheep
  • Lowland beef and sheep
  • Dairy
  • Pig
  • Poultry
  • Mixed systems and combinations of above

Many farmers are already finding ways of tacking and responding to the challenges of climate change. Farmers' Dialogue would like to gather more resources like this along with grassroots experiences of farmers whose personal change led to community change! We're counting on you to help us!

If you have a resource or story to share, please reach out to Claude Bourdin.