Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Kitumaini Center with the support of AFDI (Pays de Loire) organizes since Monday, November 11, 2019 a training that fits with the empowerment of women and the organization of groups for the benefit of women that Kitumaini accompanies in the Kabare territory.

For twenty days, fifteen women from several member associations of the Kitumaini Center who work in the field of agriculture will be equipped with skills on empowerment and management of groups.

At the end of the training, they will in turn return and share what they learnt to other women members of their respective associations so that all benefit from this knowledge acquired.  They will form a direction that will accompany a hundred women beneficiaries of this agricultural project supported by AFDI Pays de Loire.

For Mrs. Mireille Musaba, their trainer, women must learn to be independent for the good of their families and of the entire community. This is why the training that is offered to women by the KITUMAINI Center must be taken seriously by the beneficiaries, she insisted.

Speaking on behalf of the participants Yvette Mulimalika promised the trainer, the local authorities present at the training site and the Kitumaini center leader to apply, engage and use the material learned to to develop their households, their villages and the whole territory of Kabare.

It should be noted that the administrative authorities took part in the launching ceremony of this training which they consider as a beginning of development for their village. They promised to be present at the end of the training to encourage women who will have well performed. 


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