A Farmer's Charter

As a farmer I commit myself to:

  • 1. Produce food to the highest standards of taste and nutrition
  •  2. Use sustainable farming methods to improve biodiversity, ensure healthy
  •  livestock and care for the soil
  •  3. Make decisions on the basis of openness and honesty

I believe that technological developments need to include the following conditions:

  • 1. The owners of technology must not be allowed to use it to control farmers
  • 2. The balance of nature must be respected

I recognize that:

  • 1. The relationship between farmers, consumers and agro-business must be established on a basis of giving a proper return for all in the food chain while meeting the needs of humanity
  • 2. Each country ought, as far as possible, source its food close to the point of  production
  • 3. Exports at prices other than those of fair competition prevent balanced development of markets, and are very damaging to farmers in developing countries
  • 4. Farmers earning a decent living will be better placed to effectively meet the nutritional needs of humanity

I affirm that:

  • 1. Agriculture is central to the vitality of rural life
  • 2. An economy geared to the needs of people will give greater priority to agriculture resulting in it becoming a growing and more stable source of employment
  • 3. We need to seek a long-term vision for agriculture which embraces issues which go well beyond the farming world

I am convinced that a stable and economically viable food policy will become a major tool for peace in the world.

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