Tuesday, December 24, 2019
Shashika de Silva reports on his activities with farmers in Sri Lanka:


We, Sri Lankans have come to a new chapter after the presidential election. It is going to be very tough for non-governmental organizations who do peace building, reconciliation work, etc.

For the last two months we are implementing an organic farming project in five districts. 80% of my time and energy are dedicated to that project. We are slowly building our farmers network around the country.

We have done five-day residential program for 9 young people on traditional organic farming and ethical leadership. Among them, were two young mothers and two girls (all under 26) and one guy. They are now working in few districts spreading the ethical/traditional farming. The project name is 'Establishing ethical organic farming villages in Sri Lanka'.

We have being forming farming societies under our name and educating them on our methods of traditional farming. We are planning to do a farmers’ conference in a few months time and farmers exchange programs (North-South).

There are great challenges for this project: holding farmers into organic farming – finding market for organic products – keeping the quality and standards – operation capital – less governmental support – attitudes of people.

As I see it, “Social enterprise” is the only way forward at least for next five years.

This gives an idea of what we are trying to do on the farming front, and we need help on funding these activities (seed grant or investment). Ideas or suggestions are welcome!

All the challenges we are facing become a great learning journey as we move forward.


Shashi & Wima