Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Namasuba CollegeHaj Jamil Ssebalu saw a need to offer young disadvantaged Ugandans with little opportunity of higher and technical education, the chance to receive tuition in commercial skills. He started with a vision and began building the Namasuba College of Commerce in 1995. The College’s mission statement states: 'We aim to produce leaders in business and other professions, who are ethically committed, competent and ready to serve the community.'

Jamil SsebaluIn the college brochure Jamil writes, 'My interest is revolution not only involving Africa but the world, and everybody in it. The world has become a global village and to live in this environment people need to work constructively toward a sustainable and effective society where everyone has enough to eat and an idea in their hearts that satisfies. This change will not be accomplished by moral platitudes which are scattered so lavishly during elections and which seem to be unable to awaken good men from selfish complacency or put bad men to sleep.' He continued, 'It will not be accomplished by an atomic force which, if it is unleashed, may destroy civilisation as we know it. Nor by tear gas or bullets but by an expansion of the human heart, demonstrated by men and women who realise this is the most important task of our time, we can no longer live safely and free when we allow emotions of hate, fear and greed to divide us.'

Jamil comments, 'People have studied and have skills to do so many things. Many people irrespective of their knowledge and skills, sit back, with arms akimbo waiting to be provided for. This is wrong, I am out to motivate people to work on their own. I regard difficulties not to be seen as obstacles but challenges that generate opportunities. I am pleased when I hear that my people are doing well. We will move ahead when we use what we have.'

Maize grown by the school pupilsThe college has grown year by year in response to the need for management skills and ethical values. New buildings are erected and structures improved as funds become available. Some of this work is being done by students in their holidays to pay their fees. In response to the need to connect people to the countryside, day courses in business management have been run for over 40,000 farmers. Namasuba has built links with a rural based village in need of development where students work to learn farming skills. A school has been built and farmers have received training.

Lectures out in the countryside'People have studied and have skills to do many things in life. What is lacking is motivation. The drive that gets them to use the skills and knowledge they have acquired to do productive things.

'I am a Muslim, in following my faith I aim to do God’s will which I see as playing my part in creating a society that is fit for everyone to live in!'