Friday, November 29, 2013

"Feed the world - Feeding DR Congo"

The international Farmers' gathering in Bukavu, DR Congo

The Governor of South Kivu DR Congo (South Kivu is the size of Rwanda and Burundi combined) came to speak and bring to a close the International Farmers’ Dialogue in Bukavu 18 - 21 November.

Those who had taken part presented the conclusions of the event which were: not to wait and see what would happen but take personal initiatives

  • The international Farmers' gathering in Bukavu, DR Congoto work as a team
  • to build cross border partnerships for the training of small farmers in sustainable farming, soil improvement and agro forestry
  • to share community experiences
  • to reverse the rural exodus of young people moving to the towns
  • to honour and develop the role of women
  • to bring healing to the scars caused by conflict
  • the realisation that the people of DRC who have suffered and are finding healing, have experiences that equip them to bring solutions in other areas of conflict
  • to encourage each person to give thought to stimulating the commitment of farmers to feed the world.

The International dialogue of Bukavu stimulated this process, based on the individual search and motivations based on the principles of Farmers' Dialogue and Initiatives of Change.

Photos by Claude Bourdin