Monday, January 26, 2015


At the initiative of the Permanent Centre of Initiatives for the Environment, (EIPC) (Theatre Foirail Chemillé (TFC) and Mauges (Regional Committee for Agricultural Development (CRDA) – the Local Chamber of Agriculture, a series of meetings were conducted in March and April 2013 and continue on the theme of Sustainable Food production.

Farmers DialogueThe Farmers' Dialogue (DEA) has been associated with one of the debates on the theme: 'What is the purpose of production?'

The aim being: 'To find areas of consensus to bring change, if we are to advance we have no option but to work together.'

'What is the purpose of production?' This question raises many issues: the kind of food production (quantity, quality, social and environmental challenges) - price (farmers need an adequate income), as well as all those in the food chain - 'Finally, what is the main goal? What is the farmers’ mission? Is the current system sustainable?'

The participants, mainly farmers, but also representatives of city hall, cooperatives and consumers, stressed the importance of a comprehensive approach. If direct selling has a future, it does not solve everything. What can be done to respond to the decreasing number of farmers, to the loss of agricultural land, declining farm income, red tape and restrictions on chemicals they rely on?

Finally, for whom do they produce? Is not the need for greater production that is in serious danger today?

It is against this background that a discussion that includes all parties needs be conducted, of course including the farmers who are the first affected, but also with all partners involved in agricultural production, environmental protection and food issues.

The full report in French can be read here.