Monday, April 13, 2015

DR Congo

An example of the change happening after a Farmers’ Dialogue

Installation of poultry breeding project for layers by setting up first an incubator to produce chicks

Chiza Zozo Fortune is one of the young women who was invited to the International Farmers’ Dialogue, held at the Amani Centre, in Bukavu (DR Congo) in November 2013. A generous gift from one of the participants enabled her to get a grant to take part in a training course on Biointensive Agriculture and goat management in Manor House Agricultural Centre, Kitale, Kenya. She has been very active since her return: putting what she learnt into practice with her community in South Kivu. In the attached report the photos show what Chiza is stimulating around her, giving an image of Farmers’ Dialogue in DR Congo.


Chiza ZOZO’s main challenges:Practising sustainable agriculture (Biointensive Agriculture) with vegetable production: mainly onions, cabbage and pepper

  • Unstable electric power in the region for brooding and incubation in poultry project
  • Inadequate feeds supply, need for improved goats breeding stock and better equipment.
  • Inadequate supply of organic fertilizers (manure) for better practice of Biointensive Agriculture
  • Lack of processing equipment for added value from the peanuts in her producer’s group

We, as FD-DR Congo and FDI members, are very happy to see what she is developing with the knowledge and skills gained at Manor House, both individually and in the community. She mentioned the fact that she had meetings with her community to tell of her experience in Kenya. Such development needs encouragement and support, not only in terms of women empowerment, but also of promotion of the agricultural development in the south Kivu province.

Bagalwa Bahati