Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Kitumaini Centre, joined by teachers from Umoja School, has mobilised its teams to go from door to door in order bring food aid to the children it oversees, and to raise awareness to their parents about the current situation of the coronavirus and what that entails – isolation, and the children’s duties during the disruption of teaching both in that area in particular and in the whole country.

As part of the delegation, Pierre Lokeka Heshima, coordinator of the Kitumaini Cente, explained to the parents the need to look after their children and to keep them at home, rather than getting them to come and help in the fields. “Children must stay at home,” Pierre insists. “They must wash their hands, dress as they would for school, revise the things they have learnt at school and complete the homework which their teachers will drop off for them in the hope that school will soon reopen.”

Food was handed out to the children so they could have lunch at home, as they did at midday at school (the Umoja School, supervised by the Kitumaini Centre). 

This article was originally published at VISION GRANDS LACS on the 17th April 2020. Click here to see the original (in French).