Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Uzbekistan Conference

16 - 30 November

Organized by
International Farmers Dialogue
Hosted on Location By
Namangan Engineering & Technological Institute in Namangan, Uzbekistan


About the Conference:

'Role of International Farmers Implementing Innovative Technologies Integrating Agricultural Production, Science and Education'

The recent coronavirus pandemic has heightened global food security risks, especially in Asia and the Pacific. Disruptions to domestic and international food supply chains caused also by rising health risks led to major labor transition have undermined food availability and accessibility. With changing weather patterns and temperatures, farmers, and agribusinesses at the frontlines of global food production are increasingly at risk. Farmers’ Dialogue is dedicated to mobilizing farmers to bring solutions act and act on the changes needed personally and globally.

Sharing the belief that 'Innovation is central to lifting family farmers out of poverty, tackling unemployment for youth and rural women, and helping the world to achieve food security and the Sustainable Development Goals', the Conference will facilitate a global assembly of innovative individuals and institutions. While some innovative products, processes and ways of organization already exist, it is the role of global farmers and organizations who are required to bring them into use in a given location and context.

The conference will cover a wide range of issues including:

  • Climate change and innovative technologies.
  • New approaches to global partnerships.
  • Sharing creative vision and advocating benefits of novel technologies.
  • Forming partnerships facilitating identification and applications of location-specific challenges.
  • Technology solutions and prospects of training in skills.
Deadline for Registration: 15 October, 2021

Deadline for Submissions/Presentations: 20 October, 2021

Conference Programme:
  • International Arrivals in Tashkent 16 November
  • Local Sightseeing: 16-17 November
  • Departure to Namangan: 18 Nov
  • Conference at Namangan: 19-20th Nov
  • Field Visits: 21 Nov
  • Departure to Samarkand: 21 Nov
  • Events and visits at Samarkand: 21 and 22 November
  • Departure to Tashkent: 22 November
  • International Departures: 23 November
  • Optional Sightseeing Tours to Bukhara Khiva and field stations: 23-29 November
  • International Departures: 30 November



USD 450 (to be paid in cash upon arrival at Tashkent). Includes cost of subsidized stay and transport within Uzbekistan.


Each participant is to indicate acceptance to participate in person, forwarding the following details ASAP by e-mail to Ahror Tursunov (email address), marking a copy to Prakash Dani (email address):

  1. Full Name (as it appears on passport); Gender; Occupation; Date of Birth, City and Country;
  2. Present Citizenship and Country of Residence; Passport No., date of Issue and Expiry;
  3. Postal Address, e-mail address and mobile phone number;
  4. Choice of Food: Veg/Non-Veg.

Upon receipt of your details, for visa purposes you will receive an official Invitation letter from the host institution NAMMITI, Uzbekistan, along with detailed instructions for travel, visa and travel-specific instructions.

Travel and Visa

Direct flights by Uzbekistan Airways are available connecting several cities, including New York, London, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai and Delhi, to Tashkent, several days each week. For booking details,, a local travel agent and for internal travel within Uzbekistan, may be consulted.

Tourist e-visas are the easiest ones to obtain directly online, without invitation. The official website provides detailed guidelines for many countries.

Participants are advised to be aware of the latest travel related pandemic specific requirements of the airlines that they choose. The organizers will also send you updates. Presently only a RT PCT negative test certificate is needed, performed three days ahead of the date of travel.
Conference Coordination:

Host: Prof. Odijon O. Mamatkarimov, Rector, NAMMTI
Country Coordinator: Dr. Ravshanjan Ismailov
Contact Coordinator: Mr. Ahror Tursunov (email address
Phone: +998-91-3510204

International Farmers’ Dialogue contact: Claude Bourdin (email address)