Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Board of Farmers’ Dialogue International is trying to cope with urgent needs to help with the coordination of initiatives developing around the world.

The board encouraged Pierre Lokeka – FDI Secretary – to go and help the Cameroon team with the preparation of the Dialogue planned next May. The visit will take place this week (7th-12th of March.

The running of our monthly international meetings (via internet), led by Pierre, are suffering from the need to provide a translation during the meeting: this makes the meeting longer and more difficult to lead. One suggestion has been to enable Pierre Lokeka to follow a good training course in English, in order for him to manage his duties as Secretary in a more autonomous

These 2 needs amount to 1800 €, and FDI has no money left at the moment!

Anybody who would like to help and cover these needs is most welcome! The online payment is available on 'Donate' page or one can contact members of the Board or Claude Bourdin.